You have just met three characters from another time.  Likable and mute, they greet the passers-by and propose a few dance steps to the sound of old swing music before examining their subjects and  observing their surroundings.

 What are they looking for ?

YOU ! You are their dream model.

 A pram opens and reveals a collection of costumes and accessories of yesteryear. In three flying steps, they adorn you with a top hat, big glasses, a garland of laces or a deer’s head.

 No time to protest, voila you are ready.  

 The three characters: a humanoid camera, an illuminous flash, and a happy photographer, fit together, light up, and with the click of the camera transform themselves and the space into a genuine photo studio.

 Just one final touch and… 1, 2, 3… Smile, you are being photographed !